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Written by Glarthir on June 18 2024 09:31:52

Where are you Flame?

I'm waiting... The Grond is holding the remaining essence of Aule but it is becoming darker and darker by the day so please login and help us. Ronaldo's 30% portion of his being is in there too but it is not enough to spring him out. So HURRY.

Am I evil?

I feel like I'm not the forest boy I once was. I even asked Raheem: "Why can't I be a dark forest boy?" But then I snapped out of it. But where did that come from? Forgive me...
Written by Glarthir on June 14 2024 23:50:29


What is life without the one you love? The one you admire from afar is the thing that keeps you going... and without them... their cold rejection is worse than dagger doom in the heart.

Grond is now mine. Come, Flame. Come, let us do a deal you can't refuse.

Forgive me, Nameless One, and forest. and my faithful brother nook, you were always better than me. And to Osman, please, please forgive me for what I am about to do.

Written by Glarthir on June 14 2024 23:47:46

Remembering Aule

My heart throbs as I write this. The Stone Mason of Ae has been vanquished by his brother's weapon, The Grond.

Who could have done this, you ask? It was none other than the Enemy of the Forest, yes, Godslayer Aven. I, Glarthir, am writing this with shaking hands.

Is Grond not a soul capturing weapon, as designed by The Menace? The Soul Of Aule is now captured within the miserable mace. Who can free his soul other than the Son of Morgoth: Flame?

This is the eulogy of Aule:

Aule, Stone Mason, Son Of The Valar, Lord Of Crafts, Maker Of Mountains, And Founder Of Valleys.

You were the greatest of those fashioning objects with the smith's hammer. That is why God made you the Lord of Crafts, Chief of the Trades. Then you became Father to the Dwarves, Now Known As The Dunekin.

How can one post contain your life story? Here are the noteable acts of Aule in Arda: Protector of Arda. He came to protect us, not to crush us. He came to destroy what he created; as he was the original Master of the fallen Maiar spirit, Mairon Annatar, before he abandoned his place as a stone mason and became a pow'r.

Also Aule trained many Dunes in Arda. He became Tulkas' ally and lieutennant. He answered only to Tulkas, and of course, to Turin/Accal (Peace be on Him). Now he lives only within the hellscape of Grond. Can he please be freed? If he is, he will not be the same. Perhaps he will be dark, and terrible, like his brother, Morgoth. Perhaps it is best if he is never released.

Meanwhile In Arda

Can I please stop writing? But this is the news of Aven. He is a broken man. Now he will be pursued by the light. But is light not also forgiving? Reza was smited by the Darkness. Who smited her? I am coming to find out. Goodbye.